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Kutazama (to view)/Movie Program/Mzee (elder program)

Kupima Uzuri Wazo is a Kiswahili phrase which means to measure, weigh, and test through beautiful thought. It is the process taught in Sankofa which critically assesses behavior, principles, events and life processes in specific relationship to how it affects the African and African American person. Specifically we study how media images affect us, how the music industry affects us, and how print media impacts our lives.

Movie Program

The Sankofa movie program is an extension of the Kutazama Program and is focused on using the Kutazama process to view and critically analyze current movies. Once a month on the Saturday Sankofa classes do not meet, the students choose a movie to see. After the movie we discuss the movie using the Sankofa Guide to Movie Watching while having pizza.

Guide to Movie Watching

  1. Describe as clearly as you can the message of the movie.

  2. How does the title of the movie relate to your answer in question 1?

    • Would you change the title? If so, to what and why?

  3. What was the most powerful scene in the movie? What was the scene that you remembered most in the movie?

  4. Why did those scenes have such an effect on you?

  5. List two things in the movie that made you feel good or happy. List two things that made you feel angry or sad. Why did you feel that way?

  6. What kind of world is portrayed in this movie (fair/unfair, kind/cruel, peaceful, violent)?

  7. List three things that you expect a movie to do for you. In other words, why do you choose to watch a particular movie?

    • Example. A movie should make me feel good about myself.

    • I like to watch movies that make me wonder about the future

  8. Did you find in this movie any of things you expected? More than you expected?

  9. Describe in at least one way how the movie exhibited the principles of the Nguzo Saba (umoja, kujichagulia, ujima, ujamaa, nia, kuumba, imani).

  10. If you were to establish ratings for movies, what standards and guidelines would you make?

  11. Given your guidelines, how would you rate this movie?

  12. Make up a proverb or develop some words of wisdom that reflect the message of this movie.

Mzee (the Elder Progam)

Elders are a necessary part of our community. An elder is one who is at least 55 years old, a resident of our community who has shown evidence of maturity, wisdom, spirituality, and a commitment to the upliftment and development to the community. The history of African people clearly documents the reverence given to the elders of the community. The Sankofa Mzee program seeks to duplicate that reverence into the children of today. The program encourages family activities that explore the family’s history. Elders visit Sankofa and speak with the students sharing their lives with them. An example of a Mzee activity is for the students to interview an elder and write a story about the elder’s life. There are two days within the Sankofa year that are devoted to Mzee sessions.

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