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Love Sessions (Mkutan cha Upendo)

The process of Self Analysis and Conflict Resolution

Sankofa understands that we walk within a larger society whose daily practices cloud the values embodied in the Nguzo Saba and that staying conscious of those values in such an environment is an challenge for us all. Often our students find themselves in a struggle to acknowledge a set of values and practices that may be foreign to their peers. While we hope to share with our students the critical thinking skills to address most of these situations, we are keenly aware that learning is a never-ending process. Situations may arise where a student clearly needs to reassess a behavior or their response to a given set of circumstances. The Sankofa staff is committed to help our students work through these challenges with a process we call Love Sessions.

We use Love Sessions to help a student (s) look at an unresolved issue, problem or event from a variety of perspectives and to help him or her make an evaluation of the issue with the Nguzo Saba as the guide. The issue or event might be brought to the Sankofa staff by the student or some other Sankofa family member.

The Love Session is the catalyst for a process of critical self-exploration and or conflict resolution and is done in an environment of love and safety. The student chooses two Sankofa coaches to facilitate the session, which takes place in the student’s home. The student shares his or her interpretation of the problem. Then a look at other perspectives is shared and a look at options for solutions is explored.
The Love Session is designed in love, is implemented in love and ends in love.

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