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Sankofa is an African centered program. We are guided by a philosophy which seeks to develop within our children insight into their individual gifts, talents and mission. We seek to connect our children with the rich and diverse historical and cultural legacies of African people and we seek to restore a world view which reflects an understanding of the interdependence of humans, plants, animals, the air, water, soil and natural elements which create the delicate balance which sustains life on the planet earth.

Inherent in this world view is the understanding that oppression is wrong. Any system or set of circumstances which restricts a people from realizing the fullest expression of their human potential must be replaced with ways of relating spiritually, socially, politically, and economically which facilitate peace, prosperity, health, happiness, and maximum human development.

Our African centered perspective provides us with a window through which we can look inward at ourselves and simultaneously look out at the various expressions of human culture. An African centered perspective does not mean that we study only about Africa and African people. It means that we view the study of our own experience as being of primary importance, and that we study the world, its history, peoples and cultures from our own unique vantage point.

Our educational philosophy is consistent with the ancients who believed that education is the process of drawing out that which is already inside of the student. Education is primarily a process of self-discovery. It is a journey of self-realization. The “coach” is actually a guide who provides nurturing, love, information and experiences which aid the learner in growing into knowledge of the individual and collective self.

Adapted from the Parent handbook of NSOROMA Institute, Detroit, Michigan (1995).

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